Gtk theme engines for win32

Some GTK+ theme engines I compiled using mingw for windows.

Contents of the archive


I was compiling these theme engines for GIMP. If you want to use these theme engines on your GIMP installation, please follow these steps

  1. Navigate to your GIMP installation direction, for example C:\Somedir\GIMP
  2. Then open the folder lib\gtk-2.0\2.10.0\engines in the GIMP installation folder (this is C:\Somedir\GIMP\lib\gtk-2.0\2.10.0\engines if we use the path from no.1) and extract the dll’s from above package into this folder
  3. Find some GTK themes, then extract the contents into the folder share\themes in your GIMP installation folder (this would be C:\Somedir\GIMP\share\themes). Links: gnome-look,
  4. Download from Alex Shaduri’s GTK page. Find the link at next bottom of the page. Extract the gtk2_prefs.exe into bin folder under your GIMP installation directory. Then run the executable.
  5. You’ll get a window just like the screenshots below. In the left there is the list of themes you have installed in step 3 above. Choose the theme you like, click the Apply for all users checkbox then click the OK button.
  6. Then run your GIMP executable. Your GIMP look should have changed like the theme your choose before.


Theme link

Theme link, the downloaded package contains both the theme engine and the GTK theme rc’s. You already have the compiled theme engine if you use the engines from the zip file I uploaded above.

Theme link

Theme link

Theme link

Theme link, look for the MurrinaThemePack below the page

Theme link

Theme link

Theme link

    • nw42
    • December 12th, 2007


    Thank You for building – I was looking for that…

    Gimp looks so much better now ;-)

  1. thank you, now GimPhoto can be used with more themes ;)

    • Daniel Kasak
    • January 15th, 2008

    Excellent! Quick question: did you have to hack the theme engines to get them to build for Windows? In particular, the aurora engine … there’s a new release now that looks even better than before. I was considering building this myself, but wasn’t sure if it needed any modifications.

  2. @Daniel

    No modification needed, except for one or two lines which cause the compilation to fail, which I don’t remember which line. But compiling these themes is relatively easy.

  3. hi, thanks for this great artical, i’m having issues with the theme only half showing, its like .dll are missing i found a work around by using gimpoto’s files from the bin and themes and that worked for some reason.

    any idea why this is?

  4. Probably because incompatible GTK version. Above dlls was compiled with GTK 2.12. Or maybe the theme requires newer version of the theme engine.

  5. sweet, ithey can be loaded dynamically in a pyGtk app

  6. I personally had to show this particular blog post, “Gtk theme engines for win32 charupload” along with my pals on facebook itself.
    I actuallyjust sought to disperse your fantastic
    writing! Thanks a lot, Neal

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