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Gtk theme engines for win32

Some GTK+ theme engines I compiled using mingw for windows.

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I was compiling these theme engines for GIMP. If you want to use these theme engines on your GIMP installation, please follow these steps

  1. Navigate to your GIMP installation direction, for example C:\Somedir\GIMP
  2. Then open the folder lib\gtk-2.0\2.10.0\engines in the GIMP installation folder (this is C:\Somedir\GIMP\lib\gtk-2.0\2.10.0\engines if we use the path from no.1) and extract the dll’s from above package into this folder
  3. Find some GTK themes, then extract the contents into the folder share\themes in your GIMP installation folder (this would be C:\Somedir\GIMP\share\themes). Links: gnome-look,
  4. Download from Alex Shaduri’s GTK page. Find the link at next bottom of the page. Extract the gtk2_prefs.exe into bin folder under your GIMP installation directory. Then run the executable.
  5. You’ll get a window just like the screenshots below. In the left there is the list of themes you have installed in step 3 above. Choose the theme you like, click the Apply for all users checkbox then click the OK button.
  6. Then run your GIMP executable. Your GIMP look should have changed like the theme your choose before.

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GIMP Help 2.4.0 (CHM, PDF, DjVu, DevHelp)

Here are compiled (from docbook to various formats) of GIMP Help for GIMP 2.4.0


  • The CHM format has ToC, index, and full-text-search. I modified the CSS to use black over white color (the new help style has white over black colorsheme). The modified css file can be retrieved from the CHM itself. Also docbook xsl seemed to be producing invalid index so the resulting index is not grouped by its primary term. Fixed.
  • The PDF format has ToC and searchable text.
  • The DjVu format has ToC and searchable text (created from the PDF format using DjVuLibre)
  • I have not tested if the devhelp format works ;) . It’s created from the CHM format using hhconvert (