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Creating portable Internet Explorer 6 + Developer Toolbar

Note that what I mean with Developer Toolbar here is not a portable developer toolbar buat a portable IE6 that works with Developer Toolbar. Other types of portable IE 6 I have tried does not work well with Developer Toolbar.

1. Install 7-zip
2. Extract XP SP2 installation package into some directory (open the .exe file with 7-zip)
3. For each one of these files:

browselc.dll dxtmsft.dll mshtml.dll urlmon.dll xpsp2res.dll
browseui.dll dxtrans.dll shdoclc.dll vbscript.dll iexplore.exe
jscript.dll shdocvw.dll wininet.dll mshtml.tlb

Find the corresponding files, i.e., browselc.dll corresponds with browselc.dl_

4. Open the corresponding file (i.e. browselc.dl_ for browselc.dll) with 7-zip
5. Create an empty directory for your portable IE
6. Extract the file in no.4 the the directory in no.5
7. Create an empty file named iexplore.exe.local
8. Copy dispex.dll to the directory in no.5. It’s not in the SP2 package, so you’ll have to copy it from another source. I copy it from C:\WINDOWS\system32. My dispex.dll version is
8. You can test your portable IE version using

Manual installation of postgresql under administrator user in windows

Since version 8.2.7, postgresql on windows can run under administrative user account. Here’s how to do it with postgresql 8.3.3

1) Download Here we’ll use c:\postgresql as the target directory, so extract the archive to that directory.
2) Create a folder named data in c:\postgresql (or wherever you want it to be). Then we’ll need to initialize the data folder. Run this command:
c:\postgresql\bin\initdb -D c:\postgresql\data
3) Run the server
pg_ctl.exe start -D c:\postgresql\data

1) the fix to run postgresql under administrator is in pg_ctl.exe so don’t run postgres.exe directly or it will fail.
2) this setup is for testing purpose, don’t use it for production use.