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Solution to Acrobat Reader MDI Problem

Acrobat reader 9 removes the multi-window functionality, so if you open a lot of documents it will clutter the taskbar. To address this issue the quickest solution that I have found and that I feel quite satisfied is using the TrayIt application.

The result to be expected:

  • Adobe Reader buttons are gone from your taskbar
  • You get an icon in the taskbar which when you click on it, you’ll get a menu of currently open Adobe Reader windows.

The steps to do it:

  1. Run TrayIt
  2. Run Adobe Reader
  3. Press Shift and click the minimize button, Adobe Reader will be minimized to the tray area
  4. On the tray icon, right click and choose Place in System Tray
  5. Then right click again and choose Edit Profile
  6. In “Basic” tab, check “match pattern below with window title when creating tray icon” and fill the input box with “* – Adobe Reader” (without the quotes)
  7. In “Basic” tab, check “Handle SDI type applications like Excel, PowerPoint, or MS Project
  8. In “More” tab, check “Hide application from the Taskbar all the time, keep tray icon only”
  9. Then open several documents and you can see the menu when you click the tray icon.