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GIMP Help 2.4.0 (CHM, PDF, DjVu, DevHelp)

Here are compiled (from docbook to various formats) of GIMP Help for GIMP 2.4.0


  • The CHM format has ToC, index, and full-text-search. I modified the CSS to use black over white color (the new help style has white over black colorsheme). The modified css file can be retrieved from the CHM itself. Also docbook xsl seemed to be producing invalid index so the resulting index is not grouped by its primary term. Fixed.
  • The PDF format has ToC and searchable text.
  • The DjVu format has ToC and searchable text (created from the PDF format using DjVuLibre)
  • I have not tested if the devhelp format works ;) . It’s created from the CHM format using hhconvert (