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PyLucene GCJ 2.2.0-1 for win32, python 2.5

PyLucene is Python binding to the Lucene library created by
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Compilation Settings:
This version is compiled MingW 3.4.5 (the PyLucene creators recommends MingW 3.4.2 ;P), Lucene release 2.2.0 (the PyLucene creators use Lucene revision 549438, which is older revision, I believe). I do not add Berkeley DB support on this compilation.

Extract the zip file contents into Python site-package directory.

import PyLucene

# your code here

Source Code:
The source code of this package can be retrieved from PyLucene homepage and GnuWin32 homepage (for the libiconv-2 source).

Test Result:
All 31 tests distributed with the sources run OK.

Other Things:
Lucene 2.2.0 has a different API with Lucene 2.1.0, for example with PyLucene 2.2.0 we can write PyLucene.FSDirectory.getDirectory(dir) while with PyLucene 2.1.0 we need to add the second argument PyLucene.FSDirectory.getDirectory(dir, False), so it might not be 100% compatible with your existing code.

PyLucene JCC 2.2.0 binary for win32

PyLucene JCC version (not the GCJ version). This version needs a JVM to operate.

Extract the archive contents to your python lib\site-packages.
Open lucene\, edit line 3 with your own path to jvm.dll.

import lucene

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PyQt4 is a python binding to Qt4 library

This API documentation below is generated using epydoc and then packaged as CHM. Because PyQt4 is all dynamic libraries, the generated function can only get the function names but not the full signature (i.e, the parameters).

wxPython API (CHM)

wxPython is a python binding to the wxWidgets library for C++.

The API below is generated using epydoc and then packaged into CHM format.


Python Standard Library (CHM)


lxml API (CHM)

Django API (CHM)

django-0.97pre-api.chm (1.27 MB)

Django SVN -> epydoc -> CHM (with table of contents, index, full text search, and custom stylesheet)